Rochdale Christadelphians
Putting The Bible First

Christadelphians hold to a set of beliefs commonly known as doctrines; we call this our Statement of Faith. These doctrines are the same as those believed and taught by the first century disciples immediately following the ascension of Jesus.

The name Christadelphian means “Brethren of Christ” which is what we try to be in both belief and practice.

We believe:

The Bible is the only true message from God.

The God of the Bible is one; The Father.

God has declared his purpose in creation.

The Holy Spirit is God’s power.

Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Jesus is the only man ever to have lived a life without sinning.

The devil is not a supernatural being.

The Bible term “Satan” means simply “adversary”

Jesus will return from God’s right hand to raise the dead.

Jesus will set up the Kingdom of God in Israel.

The establishment of the Kingdom of God will involve the re-gathering of the Jews.

The Kingdom of God will be established on the Earth.

Jerusalem will be rebuilt and glorified.

The resurrection of the dead.

Salvation involves…

When a person dies they completely cease to exist.

Hell as a place of eternal torments is not true.

Belief in God’s promises…

Israel in the purpose of God.